The Kingdom of Mercia Metal Detecting Club (KMMDC) is based in the English Midlands and, geographically, covers the central area of the original Saxon kingdom.  At its widest, the kingdom ran from the Welsh border east to the Wash and from the Thames to north of the Pennines, with its capital being the town of Tamworth. Our rallies are mostly in Staffordshire and Shropshire.

The club is going through a change in administration, so new memberships are suspended, until things are sorted out. Please check back in October for an update.

Please contact the club via our Facebook page at: KMMDC Facebook page.  

KMMDC consists of hobby metal detectorists who are interested in the history of the Midlands.  We carry out research on every site we search and organise for rallies.  Members are required to abide by the club rules including the 1996 Treasure Act and the NCMD Code of Conduct.  Please see the Treasure Act etc tab above for more information.

The running total for charity donations raised from rally fees is £6,137.81 – see tab above for details.

A free recovery service is offered (see separate tab for details) for lost jewellery or similar items, just e-mail your request via our contact form here and we’ll get straight back to you.